Amy’s 21st Birthday! ?


On the 29th of December 2017 was Amy’s 21st birthday.


To say she was excited about turning 21 was a massive understatement! From the time she turned 20 I’m pretty sure she was on a month by month countdown until her 21st. Amy wanted the big birthday do; all of her friends and family, the big ‘21’ balloons and litres of Prosecco! She had a full head of new hair extensions booked in months in advance and had pre-ordered her three tier birthday cake!


All of this is why it was so important all her family and closest friends threw a party she would have been proud of. The whole house was covered with photos of Amy, 21 balloons, banners and lights. The bar my dad built in the garden (that Amy proudly named ‘Vigusoula’) was fully stocked as Amy would of expected. All of her favourite music was played full blast ranging from Dua Lipa and Stormzy to Oasis and The 1975.


The night was perfect. I cannot thank everyone enough; we shared memories, tears and laughter together. Most importantly, we raised a glass to Our Amy.

Happy 21st Birthday Amy.