IT Fleet’s Amy ?

IT Fleet’s Amy ?

A few beautiful and lovely memories of Amy shared by her work family. Thank you to Kim Timmis and everyone at IT Fleet for sharing these memories.  ?


“IT Fleet’s Amy”

The news of Amy’s death had a profound effect on her work colleagues.   It was a huge shock to everyone because it was unanticipated.  You expect your colleagues to just be back to work on a Monday morning after a weekend at a festival and telling you how much fun they had.  It was extremely difficult and upsetting having to break the news to the whole organisation whilst trying to hold your own emotions in check and offering support, particularly to those closest and most affected by the shock of Amy’s passing.  Telephoning colleagues of Amy’s that were on annual leave that fateful day and breaking the news to them, so they didn’t learn of it via social media or the evening news, visiting each department and seeing the shock and grief wash over their faces, announcing it on email to our other centres and then dealing with all the questions.  You feel totally unprepared for all of this, it’s something you shouldn’t ever have to do for someone so very young and healthy, with their own life and career ahead of them.

I could continue for pages and pages about what a brilliant young lady Amy was, but instead I have asked members of staff to send me their own memories;


“My words are that that Amy could light up any room, her vibrant personality and contagious laughter are greatly missed. She was kind hearted, generous, so very sweet and beautiful. My fondest memory of her is whenever she bounded into HR with a huge smile on her face and by the time she left, I would have a massive stupid smile on my face as well as because she would always make me laugh. I miss her, but I am also glad I even got to know her in the first place.”

Fiona Bill, HR


“Think I’d only say what everyone else would. She was so full of life and warm hearted, mad as a box of frogs but always had a compliment and a cuddle for you (even when you didn’t want one?) Miss her very much xx”

Jane Rivett, Transport


“Everybody we meet in our lives has something to teach us. Amy and her story has reminded me to LIVE more, to LOVE more and MATTER more. She was a beautiful colleague and friend. She will always stay in my heart.”

Sandra Zeringyte, Accounts


“Fondly remember Amy as the Demon on the track when we went Go-Carting:

With steely eyes and helmet on Amy hit the track

She had the look, she had no fear, there was no turning back

With dizzy head and frantic pace, she really gained some speed

For Amy’s’ only thing in mind was to surely take the lead

She’s driving now in heaven with St Peter by her side

Lookout God and Beelzebub you better woe betide”

Tom Dundon, Customer Services


“I use love it, when Amy came in every morning, and she use to go around everyone in Transport to greet them, “Morning” she goes, she always had time to do that, which was always nice!! Even at the end of the day, when she had finished, popped down to say good bye!! “

Darren Heath, Transport


“My first meeting with Amy was when she came bounding into the Training room one day insisting I have a word with a very rude driver, he had intimated that she was too young to know what she was talking about (Big Mistake), I started laughing and introduced myself which in turn started her laughing and she explained who she was and finally her name. From this small beginning a friendship grew over the next 18 months, enhanced by the fact that we both discovered that as a Royal Marine Commando I had served in the same areas as her beloved Grandfather, she showed me photos of him in his Army uniform in various places and I reciprocated with my photos, also in uniform, showing the same place and time.

She was a treasure who is still sorely missed, especially that infectious smile of hers. Once met, never forgot”

David Sizeland, Trainer


“I didn’t know Amy for very long, however she was a huge personality in the office; she made me laugh with the way she would burst into my office and shout ‘post!’

Amy liked to come in and chat with me whenever she was frustrated, or things got her down and I always had time for her.

I do miss her bubbly personality and gorgeous smile, we all do.”

Ann Swan, HR


“My fondest memory of Amy is her daily visits to our office!  It would usually be in the afternoon and start with a hug and she would always be on the scrounge for a roll-up from Charlie! Ha

She would always ask me how my day is going and ask what I’d be up to at the weekend and we would always have a giggle about what plans she had! Every time she came to visit us, she was ALWAYS bubbly and ALWAYS had a smile on her face – even when she may have had a stressful morning!

I miss her visits and find myself looking at her photo on the wall, which is almost directly opposite from my desk, especially if I’m having a bad day – it just puts a smile on my face.” J

Tina Herbert, Fleetplus


“Amy was kind very perceptive to one’s mood quick witted sometimes too talkative you wanted to tell her to please be quiet for 5 minutes.

She was a bright spark in the office and I still miss her and think of her at work on a daily basis.”

Pauline Green, Accounts


“I have a few memories, but the one that always made Amy and I laugh was one of our fish & chip nights (unless she was vegan that week) As she was leaving she said “you were a bit quiet tonight” I said “well if I could of got a word in edgeways I would of!” We both fell about laughing,”

Cheryl Barnett, Accounts


I think this shows a real mixture of feelings and emotions, we miss her every day here at the office and will continue to honour and remember her.


Kim xx ?

IT Fleet’s Amy ?