Two of Amy’s best friends did a skydive in her memory to raise money for Colchester Hospitals Charity. Well done girls! Amy will be SO proud of you both as we all are! Allie McClintock Saffron McDonald . This is their adventure…



Our skydive for Our Amy – Allie McClintock & Saffron McDonald


Amy was one of the most caring, thoughtful and genuine people I have ever met, and I had the privilege to call her one of my closest and trusted friends. She was constantly carrying out, or forward planning to do charity events for Help For Hero’s due to her late grandads involvement in the army and before she passed, mentioned to me and Saff that she wanted to do another skydive in his memory.



When Amy left us, as best friends, me and Saff felt it was our duty to carry out what she had planned to do… so we booked our skydive! The date was set… the 10th of February!! We set up a JustGiving page and set a target of £1000 to raise for Help For Hero’s and went about planning the day.



As the day grew nearer, both the nerves and the excitement started to build. I travelled home from university on the Friday evening and was constantly imagining every single thing that could have gone wrong. But I was forever reminding myself that ‘if Amy could do it, I can do it!’.



On the morning of the dive, me and Saff put on our ‘Our Amy’ tshirts and were determined to do this for our girl. As we got to the diving centre we were rushed in as there was supposedly bad weather encroaching upon us that could inhibit our dive, so we signed the papers and were moved straight to the area to get changed into our suits! My mum and Kervin (Amy’s dad) were there watching us rush around getting ready, whilst the cameramen assigned to both of us asked us questions about the reason for the dive.



“So why are you jumping out of an aeroplane at 10,000ft today Allie?”

“For Our Amy.”



Travelling up in the rickety small aeroplane all we could see was pure white as the clouds were so thick and the weather was getting progressively worse by the minute. Needless to say, the nerves were extreme but over everything I was just very excited! It came to the time for me to scoot down the aeroplane and hang my legs over the edge of the open door. Staring into complete white nothingness, with the instructor strapped to my back screaming ‘ITS SNOWING!’ I can genuinely say I was not thinking anything other than ‘WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?!’ but within seconds I was falling. Free falling through the air, at 10,000ft I felt the biggest rush of adrenaline whilst the snow pellets were bombarding my face. It was impossible to see anything until the instructor released the parachute, the snow started to thin and I lifted my goggles and tried to take in my surroundings. It was an incredible feeling. The feeling of flying through the air with nothing running through your mind other than pure gratitude and awe.



When we landed, the cameraman ran straight over and asked me “so how was that?” all I could reply was “Incredible. Simply incredible. I love you Amy”.

Well done girls! ?